Help needed to copy vcd movie

Hello everyone,

I need to copy a vcd movie for a friend so she can have a back up copy as soon a possible. How do I go about doing this? Do I copy like I’m copying dvd movie? I use dvd shrink for copying dvd movies. Can I use cd-r media to copy the vcd movie since this is cheaper?

Please let me know the necessary steps I need to take.


I also have nero 6 ultra edition, can I use cd-r media to back up the vcd to vcd format?

First of all do you want to convert to vcd or just makin a backup of a vcd
already you’ve? If you’ve the vcd the easiest way would be to use Nero,
just select under option video cd in nero express for example, and then drag
and drop the vcd file and burn it. And yes, like the word says VCD, you could
use for this a normal cd-r, this depends on the size of the file you’ve :wink:

ok, when I open nero, the following files exist

  1. CDI
  2. EXT
  5. VCD

Should I add all the above files or just the VCD file?


I just tried adding all the above files and I got this message

— The file D:\VCD\PSD.VCD is invalid
Need MPEG-1 which was encoded for VCD-CD
audio: 44.1Khz; Stereo: 22Kbits/s
Video: 352 X 240/29.97Hz or 352 X 240/23.976Hz or 352 X 288/25Hz
The following problems were found
-Stream encoding which is invalid for a [Super] Video CD
- no video
- no audio
The source movie is in my D: drive while I have the cdr in the E: drive

What am I doing wrong?

Just take only the mpegav file, this one is the biggest and is the main movie.
I would deactivate vcd menu, if you don’t need this to start only with the
main movie. Another way to copy it is a direct disc to disc copy :wink:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

i want to copy a vcd too but I havent the foggiest. I know that I should copy the dat file in the mpegav folder, but thats it. I have two programs çlick and burn CD & DVD’ and '‘Amazing CD & DVD burner’ . Will either of these work. Problem is I have nero but it doesnt recognize my burner drive.

I want to copy the VCD so that it wil play on a standalone DVD player as well. Also, are VCDs copy protected sometimes and if so how can the VCD be copied?

Hello shashgo, The DAT file is a mpeg file only the file extension is renamed to dat. Rename it to mpg. It is a MPEG 1 format, DVD is a MPEG 2 format. If you do not care about menus I just use VSO DVIXTODVD which you can find which is the last freeware version, later versions you have to pay for. It will convert it to DVD compliant files that you can use with your burning software. As far as I know, negative on copy protection as it is a low resolution and a lot DVD players will not play VCD.

I want to copy a VCD. So I copied the dat file in the MPEGAV folder to my hard drive. The size of that file is 693MB (727,015,424 bytes). I put a new CD-R (Memorex) that is the regular 700 MB (736,899,072 bytes). I tried to burn a VCD by recording that file in my CD-RW drive using Power2GO VCD burner that I downloaded from I get a pop-up that says not enough space on disk. Why is this happening and more importantly what do I do to make a copy of the VCD?