Help needed to convert .avi to MPEG 4

Is there a way to convert a 700meg AVI file to MPEG 4 without changing its size?


.avi is MPEG4 already. Do you mean the filetype .mp4 (also MPEG4 but different ‘flavour’)?

Please tell us the reason for wanting to convert… eg is it for an iPod?

The smilie didn’t help.

Do you have any other bright ideas ?



The program, that is ;). Download from here

As for the size restriction, what are your limits as I don’t think any program will guarantee exactly the same filesize when re-encoding.

I was trying to convert a 689 meg AVI to MPEG, but Nero created an image file that was WAY too big (1915 meg) for my 700 meg CD.

Sounds more like Nero was converting it to MPEG2 as a DVD-Video. Try Super and see how you get on.

BTW I thought you were converting it for an iPod, so why do you have a CD-size limit?

Whadda…? :smiley:

Run GSpot over it and you’ll realize that this file is already mpeg4! :bigsmile:

So, in the end, the smilie was really a good answer.

I see.

Then why doesn’t my DVD player read it?

So, in the end, the smilie was really a good answer.

And, in the end, the smilie didn’t help.

@Rezad: suppose you tell us how you got on with the conversion from .avi to .mp4 for your iPod using Super.

does your dvd player play divx/xvid?