Help needed to bypass email surveilance

Okay, here’s the deal. My gf’s dad has some program which monitors anything sent through the modem, including any emails she might happen to send me. Is there any way to bypass this and secure the emails so that he won’t be able to read them? Thanks.

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If she is a juvenile :cop: living at home with her father and the father has set up something to stop her from contacting you whether by email, phone or in person he must have a good reason to go to so much trouble.

Besides, having girls of my own I Wouldn’t touch this for money.

use word or something to type the letter then use winrar to zip the file and password protect it. That should work , but there are programs out there that will try to retrieve the password . Thats why you make it long and use number, letters and, symbols or what ever it will let youThe longer the password the better because if you try to use a program to figure out the password it would take a long time for some one to figure out because of the probability factor.

LMAO!!! :clap: Don’t be sendin’ dirty emails! :iagree:

Don’t ya just love technology? :iagree:

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I totallly agree with u rfjr23. I am kinda new to the password protecting with rar. Can you teach me step-bystep how i can password protect some of my data 2 :bow: . Thankz man

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right click the file and choose add to archive and then click the advance tab and the choose to set password

I hope when rfjr23 has children that they are all girls and look like Pamela Anderson.

I have 3 already oldest is 5 next one is 3 and then 2 and they are all girls

When i posted the first time I posted at the same time asyou and during my reply I didnt th ink of what you suggested. Who knows what they are sending back and fourth but at the same time who knows it could be just another over protective parent. I know I have three and I will be over protected my self but at the same time they have to have a little privacy. Everything starts when they are young and how they are raised. Kids wil be kids but they have to know there is that fine line

To each their own, but that is the decision the girls father has made and it should be respected, but obviously it is not. O well, I’m sure the father will become suspicious about the rar/zip files and will trust the boyfriend even less. I would never give such advice to someone, who knows who you’re giving advice to and how it will be used?

I agree and if i would have waited a couple minutes I would have read some other post since they wetre all at the same time. I wasnt thinking about the bad side of the deal when i read it.

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I tried ur way and it worked but there is a bit of a problem :sad: . see, the way u taught me was great but the when i wanta open each file i will have to reenter the pass.I know that u can put a pass on the rar itself. like when doulbe click on the rar file it would pop the screen to ask pass. Do you know how to do that so i dont have to enter the pass on everyone of the files :bow: .Thankz

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I am no longer going to help on this issue as you can see what has been brought to my attention due to me not reading farther into the subject of the original poster. It is not intended to you or the original poster but due to the subject and in worst case senerio.

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i agree , paintballer687 dont take it personal but there are many psychos out there so its very good that her father is monitoring otherwise who knows what could happen, i can help you to have the prog removed but i wont because its wrong in my opinion