Help needed to burn dvd r

hi all,

new to all this burning lark I have a MPG file and want to burn it onto dvd. I obviously have got a dvd re-writer and software do i just drag it and burn it? will it work on my home dvd player or will i have to change the file how do i do this can someone please help step by step guide would help ever reply to this



Allthough MPG (or MPEG) files are what DVD’s are made from, they are split with one file for the video and one (or more) for the audio.
There are also menus, chapters and various other stuff lying around on the average DVD.
They are also quite picky about picture size, frames per second etc.
Get some DVD authoring software (Most DVD burners come with some, so have a look at the discs you got with your burner), if the MPG file is OK then the software will convert it for you, and will take you though the steps of creating menus, chapters and anything else you want to stick on there.

If you do run into a problem, then please use the search button at the top of the forum, most basic questions (and lot of complicated ones:p ) have been answered many times, it’s just a matter of reading.

Good luck and let us know how it goes:)

While I agree completely with the above post…especially the using search before you ask…one tidbit I’d toss out…:slight_smile:

On my machine, I had alot of mpg and avi files I wanted to burn and play on my stand alone player. Wanted to put more than 1 on a single disc…yadda yadda.

Because those files were not all dvd compliant…I found I had better luck this endeavour burning to cd-r as a VCD. (Again…search the subject…:slight_smile: )

As the source files were not all exactly “DVD quality to beging with” the output varied from file to file in terms of sound and video quality on the same disk…but this did allow me t create a menu on a disk…and watch those files either sequentially or by menu select on my tv from my dvd player.

Nero burning rom 5 was the software used…and it walked me through most of it…:wink:

You can get much better results with proper dvd tools if your mpg is compliant…but this is not a bad place to cut your teeth

Could not agree more :slight_smile: , creating (S)VCD’s are the best way to learn about what the diffrent file formats are and what to do with them, diffrent encoding tools etc (and messing up a blank CD is a lot less expensive than a blank DVD :stuck_out_tongue: ).
In all honesty I have had a DVD burner for about 5 months and have only created a handful of DVD movies because I am happy with the output from my SVCD’s most of the time.

SVCD quality compared to DVD? gasp
My Widcreen 46" HDTV just fainted when even considering it!


SVCD quality compared to DVD? gasp
My Widcreen 46" HDTV just fainted when even considering it!

LOL We all have to start somewhere hoss…:slight_smile: