Help needed! SWF format --> Video format --> DVD

Hi, everybody! Help me, or i`m done for.

I made animation movie in Flash 8 (720x576, 25fps), converted it to AVI, edited in Adobe Premiere. Now i need to export the movie (from Adobe Premiere) in such way, that it can be written to DVD disc in very good quality and showed on the wall with a projector and DVD player.

So, my question is:
What settings does my movie need to be written successfully on DVD and to look great, showed with projector?

For now, i`ve set such settings:

DVD PAL (720x576) - not widescreen (i dont get what is widescreen) 25fps Compression: i tried "none" and "microsoft video 1", but i didnt see the difference… and there were more except those two (intel, divx…) Which is correct?

Someone told me, that i need to set encoding MPEG2. What`s that means? Are encoding and compression are different things?

And besides, im not sure ive exported swf to avi in the right way. Does DVD need something special?

Is there more things, that i have two set? Does DVD need something more?

As you can see i`m a total fool in such things…

Waiting for help with hope :bow:

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

There are quite many commercial tools out there to do what you want. (Think even your Premiere can fix it, although I’m not familiar with it).

I only use free non commercial tools so this link is all I can provide atm, (especially TMPGenc can come useful). :wink:

It needs to be MPEG-2 and be authored.

For output to DVD, choose File > Export > Export to Encore. This sends the selection to the separate Encore application for DVD authoring.

you can first use iwisoft swf to video converter to convert swf to mpeg format which is compatible with dvd, then use a third-party dvd creator freeware to convert mpeg for dvd playing.
good luck!