Help needed setting layerbreak using IMG Burn

I want to backup 360 games done my research blah blah

I was just wondering if someone could help me with this layerbreak problem, while trying to burn with 4x DVD- RDL disk (Verbatim) using img burn. I set my layerbreak setting to 1913760 but a bx pops up and says::::::::
Cannot set layerbreak position when burning DVD-R DL media
Do you want to continue YES/NO

What should i do?

Use +R DL Verbatims. You cannot set the layer break on -R DL discs.

what Jedi said pretty much summed it up the OP’s question.

but to my knowledge i don’t think setting the ‘booktype’ is required as far as XBox360 stuff although it is recommended. probably because it might be easier for Microsoft (when on XBox Live) to detect your backup if it’s not a original by attempting to tell if the disc is a DVD-ROM or a DVD recordable. and if the booktype is setup to DVD-ROM they wont be able to tell for sure since DVD-ROM drives cant tell if it’s a DVD Recordable or a genuine DVD-ROM… but to my knowledge Microsoft has not banned anyone because of the booktype stuff. so take this for whatever it’s worth :slight_smile:

but to sum it up… get some Verbatim DVD+R DL media and then you can set the booktype to DVD-ROM and all will be good :wink:

+R it is my friend… :wink: