Help needed! SafeAudio Protected CDs?



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I need some CD titles which are protected with the SafeAudio copy protection. Have you seen such a CD? Please react below! I would also like to hear if you have tested the CD…

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I have rent Puur from a local library. This was a protected version from the cd. I have played the cd in a regular cd player with a s/pdif output and record the cd with the Terratec 24/96 soundcard with s/pdif input. This works very well, except that you have to manual split the songs. There must be a program that can read the start id from a s/pdif input, the same way as a good minidisk or dat recorder can.


You can split a large .wav by making a cue-sheet with EAC and then split it with EAC. You’ll need the original cd for this. For manual splitting you can use CD Wave:


Puur? from volumia? no i thought this one is protected with Cactus Data Shield (cds300) I didn’t had any prob copying this cd with BlindRead and CloneCD. :8


I’m sure this is old news, but the Bealtes “1” Cd is copy protected & simply will not will not copy track 27 without the audio cutting in & out. I’ll keep a heads up for any new Safeaudio disks.


Beatles album very easy to copy and get all tracks on one cd. Answer use 80min cd. Had no problem


Beatles “1” was no problem for me. I did nothing special. It needed an 80 min CD to fit on but I don’t see where that makes any difference.


The Beatles cd was easy just use cdrwin and an 80 minutes cd. However I have heard people who had problems with this disk but they all seem to use Easy Cd creator. Which is a really bad program for copying audio anyway. The CD of Volumia is Safe audio and not CDS-300. No CDS-300 cd’s are known at this moment.


Nope - still couldn’t copy Beatles “1” without track 27 cutting in & out. I used Cdrwin as suggested. 12x - what are the settings you used to successfully copy the Beatles Cd??


I have send a email a couple weeks ago! When the CD of volumia was in the shops, i buy it for the protection! So far, the Freecom Traveller 4/4/20 with all kind of firmware inside is copying this cd without any problem! However, the NEC _770 (12x drive) the Plextor 8/20 and the Ricoh 7060S will not copying the cd! Every track that you try to read of the cd is giving errors about 10% The Traveller reads to it and it’s plays normal in all cd players! Even Clonecd can’t copy the correctly without errors with the Plextor,Ricoh,Nec.


Well the first thing i did was changing the cdfs.vxd file after this change it was easy to rip wav file directly without an audio-ripper ,normaly this method would be enough to copy “Puur” but not with me it simply doesn’t work so i put the cd in my Plextor 40x scsi and started Clonecd and my Plextor 12/4/32 TSI scsi made no problem of it and copied it perfect including the protection. Clonecd and Plextor RULEZZZZZZ


It seems that “Groeten uit Salou 4” has the same copy protection


I did use the following for the Beatles “1” cd. My old lame philips 40x drive which actually made by acer at 1x speed. The drive will actually read a lot faster as 1x.(anyone seen this before ?) All other things I didn’t change. Now I just selected the tracks and read them. Checked them first because I heard a lot of people had problems with the las 2 tracks. They seemed to be okay so I burned them to an 80 Then burn just the 80 minutes cd. Then Checked the disc and still everything was okay The burner I ussed was a philips 3610.


As I have understood, the CD protection insert an error on the CD data codification that can be corrected only by audio CD. If we use PLEXTOR CDROM that have the same circuitry od an audio CD, I think we skip the protection. Another way, if we extract the TRACK with NERO using the option “extract audio track”, I think that the SW will do the correction. Do you agree???