Help Needed Recording from VHS Player to 5006


My 5006 works fine recording from my digital video recorder supplied by my cable company. But today I tried recording from both SVHS and VHS videotape recorder/players. The tape is home-made, so there shouldn’t be any copy-protection issues.

When the SVHS or VHS player is hooked up directly to the TV, the picture is smooth, so I know the players are working correctly. The same is true if the signal runs to the TV through the 5006 via the RF coaxial connection. But when I try to use either the S-Video connction or the RCA-component video connection, the picture on the TV is very jerky–not at all acceptable. I’m assuming that what I see on the TV screen is what I will get on the recording.

As nearly as I can tell, you cannot record using the RF coaxial connection; it seems to be just a pass-through. Am I correct about that? I’m making that assumption because when I view the picture using that setup, I cannot see any of the Lite-On on-screen messages or menus.

Does anyone who has successfully recorded from a tape player to a 5006 or other Lite-On unit have any suggestions?



The 5006 has a TV tuner.

That means its RF should accept the signal coming in off an antenna.

If you feed the VCR’s RF output signal in thru the DVD’s RF input and set the 5006’s tuner to channel 3 (or 4), the DVD recorder should be able to record off the RF.

It might still get a “copyguard” thing too, tho’.

Some have noted that old tapes with some signal degradation may confuse the DVD recorder and make it think they’re copy-guarded.

Have you tried making your 5006 macro-free?

Gastrof, Thanks for the reply. I think I had the RF outputs, inputs, and channel selection the way you described, but I’ll try again. When it’s set up properly, should I be able to see Lite-On’s menus on the TV screen?

By “macro-free” I assume you mean applying the hack. From what I’ve read sometimes that works and sometimes not, but if not, I can always reinstall the standard Lite-On firmware upgrade (which I did just a few days ago), right? Is there a one best link to go to for the 5006 hack?

One other question for anyone who wishes to respond: Is a jerky picture the effect that occurs when copy-protection is working (as opposed to some other effect, such as no picture at all, etc.)?



If it’s at a moment when you should be seeing the menus, then yes, you will. If the menus aren’t engaged, then no, you won’t.

If your TV is taking the signal from the LiteOn, whatever the LiteOn is doing is what the TV will be showing.

The macro-hack always works, provided you used it with the earlier firmware upgrades.

If you already used recent firmware to upgrade your machine, you may be sunk.

The current firmware offered at the LiteOn website apparently has been designed to not allow the macro-hack to work. Guess someone’s working on that, but nothing yet.

The “jerky picture” is just that. It’s almost as if the people on the screen are walking thru a strobe light, so you only see every other second’s worth of the movements.

Another way to describe it would be like a film where every other frame’s been taken out, and the remaining ones doubled. As a result, continuous movement is there, the sound fits the picture, but every move on the screen is in short spurts rather than an even flow.

This seems to be some problem with the processor that shows up sometimes.

I’ve only noticed it on the 3 and 4 hour speeds, however, and only for a minute or two (at most) at a time. Then, all’s well again.

It’s annoying.

Copy protection usually manfests by the picture getting very dark and then lightening up again, changing colors a bit, and so on. The LiteOn, however, seems to also announce onscreen (if I understand correctly) that the material is copy-protected and it won’t record it. I don’t know if it continues recording after that, but doesn’t get a picture, or if the machine just shuts down.

Wish I could be of more help…

Very helpful, Gastrof.

A short time ago I upgraded the firmware to solve a finalizing problem (see So it sounds like for now I won’t be able to get rid of copy protection.

I’m puzzled that when I had coaxial cables going from the VCR to the Lite-On unit and then from the Lite-On unit to the TV, I could see what was playing on the VCR and (a) the picture was smooth and (b) I could not see the menus that I normally see, even when I pushed buttons like “Guider” and “display” on the remote. I’ll try that setup again just to make sure.




Stop and think- was the VCR feeding its signal into the TV thru the RF?

Was the TV set to “channel 3” or “4”, so’s to get what the VCR was doing?

Is the DVD recorder set to feed into the TV thru A/V inputs?

If you had the TV set to channel 3 (or 4) so’s to monitor the VCR, then you’d see what the VCR is doing, but not what the LiteOn is doing TO what the VCR is doing. :eek:

If you want to see what the LiteOn is doing to the feed it’s getting from the VCR, it’s the LiteOn you want to monitor, not the VCR. :iagree:

Here’s a suggestion-

VCR’s RF output to TV antenna input.

VCR’s A/V output to LiteOn.

LiteOn’s A/V output to TV’s A/V inputs. (Your TV has them…right?)

You can now watch the VCR on the TV thru the antenna cable (channel 3 or 4), but if you set the TV for A/V, you’ll get the LiteOn.

If you then set the LiteOn for its own A/V inputs (the rear ones, maybe?), you’ll get the feed from the VCR, and now you can watch the VCR’s signal as the LiteOn processes it and you’ll likely be in business! :clap:

I of course will be sitting happily in a room with mattresses for walls… :wink: