Help needed preserving music titles/artist names etc

Hi all,

I’ve copied a CD with WMP v.11, but when I play back the copy, the music details (album/track names etc) have not survived.

Any idea how I can preserve these during the copy?

Thanks in advance,


Bump - can anyone help on this??



As far as I’m aware of, Windows Media player does not support the writing of CD Text, which means that once you copy an Audio CD containing CD text using it or write audio files (such as MP3’s) to CD-R/RW, the written disc will just contain track numbers. I would suggest first trying another recording package that is capable of writing CD Text. A couple of examples include ExactAudioCopy, Nero, Roxio and so etc. which support this feature. ExactAudioCopy is freeware, which can be downloaded from

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