Help needed: overclocking

Can anybody help me get the most out my processor. I’ve got a P3-450, running at 504 Mhz now… How can I make it go faster with a low budget?? Please help me out!!

if you’ve got it running at 504 now then your doing something right. The main condition with overclocking is keeping everything cool. Get a good cpu cooler and a few good case coolers and try uping the FSB (Front side bus) frequency a little more.

If it does’nt work out quite well at a higher speed try increasing the Vcore voltage a little more (BE VERY CAREFULL HERE) you must increase it a little at a time 0,1 of a volt otherwise you’ll fry your processor.

Post some information about your type of motherboard and other components that way we can help you more.

My mobo is a Asus P2B one… Don’t know if I can change the Vcore… And the busspeed is at 112 now… Only higher option left is 133, and then it crashes at starting up windows…

Is 133 MHZ memory an option? Or could it be something else that causes the system to crash?

well 133 mhz memory could help. can you change the pci and agp dividers on your motherboard ? If you set it to 133 mhz FSB the try if possible to set the AGP divider(frequency) to 2/3 (jumper AGPFS pins 1 and 2)these can be found directly under your last 3rd DIMM slot,and the PCI divider to 1/4, this way you are not stressing the other components too much such as the hard drive and PCI devices.

You need to set the PCI divider to 1/4 if FSB is at 133mhz if you want any chance of overclocking. If this is not possible then i’m afraid your options are limited with the board you are using now.

Try here if you have not already:

for Vcore settings