Help needed on firmware upgrades on the nec ND-3520A



Hi Everyone,

been reading about firmware upgrades on the nec ND-3520A all nite! … i’ve updated my firmware to the latest which is 3.04. The problem i was having before the update was that my dvd-rw is stuck at 8X when writing to blank dvds. i am using RITEK G05 blank dvds which i believe are 12x compatible. I updated my firmware from a 1.04 to 3.04 and seems my dvd-rw is still stuck at 8x write when writing to RITEK G05 dvds. And looking at the table give on this site for DVD-R RITEK G05 dvds. ( ) it should be writing at 12x.

can anyone help me?


Ritek go5 is only 8x media so it is burning at the speed it should and while official firmware can overspeed some disks, it doesn’t overspeed all of them. Thier are modified firmwares that will allow you to burn some disks faster which is probably what you are seeing with the riteks burning at 12x. Look through the benq forum
For more information on modified firmwares.


thanx for the tip! … do u know a site where i can find out what is the best media to use for my NEC ND-3520A ? .



I have no idea why I gave you a link to the benq forum (brain malfunction). Maybe it would be beter if you looked in the nec forum!!! Thier should be lots of info on firmware and good media in the nec forum.
Here is a thread on media and thier are probably plenty more if you search.
Personally, I have an nec3500 so I cannot say what is best for the 3520, but the 3500 likes just about any good media I throw at it. Some good ones would be verbatium 8x+r (mcc003), verbatium 16x+r (mcc004), maxell 8x+r (maxell002), maxell 4x+r (ricohjpnr01), fuji 8x+r (made in japan only so check the label, yuden000t02).
By the way, I havent used any ritek 8x media but the ritek 4x I have burns very well. Your drive can do error scaning so why not do some scans and see exactlly how well the ritek you have is burning? If you are not farmiliar with scanning, look around for mention of cdspeed error testing in the nec forum. You may have to have a specific firmware for it to work.


hey thanx!

i’ll look into it … i’ll get reply back to this forum if i have any more problems.

thanx for ur help! …