HELP NEEDED, newb here! - Pioneer 103 installation :(

Hi guys,

I managed to obtain a Pioneer DVR-103 DVD drive from a friend lately as a favour, and he says it’s in working condition. I stick it in, (the jumper is on the master settingon the drive) and turn on my computer.

Windows XP recognises it and installs the driver, everything seems ok. The problem? It won’t do anything! I stick a CD in, green flashing light which changes to an orange flashing light after a while.

I try a DVD-ROM game, same thing happens. The usual Insert a DVD in Drive F: appears.

Thanks for looking, any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I need to get this up and running asap! :\ thanks!

Maybe the laser is dead… put some original cds and dvds to see if they play…

Try flashing a new firmware…

Hmm I see - total newb here, what exactly is flashing and how can I do it?

Sorry to be a pain, but I know sweet F.A to do with Optical drives.

Thanks again!

Your 103 is OLD… if you buy a new one for your pc it will be better…

Install DVD Identifier (, run the app and see the 103 and what number appears after the FW…

I will try looking for a 103 firmware…

Got it…

Download version 2.00 and run the app…

Hmm, install was successful but still won’t recognise any CD’s or DVD’s of any kind. Thanks for you continued help so far, any other ideas?

Like I said, windows automatically installed the driver for the drive, but should it really say (Standard CD Manufacturers) as the Manufacturer of the drive under the properties option when I right click the drive? It’s listed as the Pioneer 103 on the computer, but I’m not sure what could possibly be wrong.

Argh >_< so confusing. The actual connections and physical setup appear to be just fine. There must be something I’m missing :\

Thanks again!

Did you install DVD Identifier or the firmware for the 103?

Is the 103 the only drive on your pc? If you have another one has to be master and the other must be slave…

Yep, got both.

[00:42:16] Waiting For Drive To Initialize Disc…
[00:42:45] ERROR : Unable To Initialize Disc In Time : Not ready - Incompatible medium installed [02/30/00]

Is the message I got from DVD Identifier. This is (for the purpose of trying to see if the thing will work at all) now the only drive in my computer, except for a floppy and HDD. I have a CD-RW but I have disconnected it for the time being. The DVD drive is currently the master drive.

Try using an OEM Disc while scanning with DVD Indentifier!

Hope It Helps!!!

Run DVD Identifier and see at the top next to Pioneer DVR XXX FW XXX (what is the model and the number of the firmware)…

DVD Identifier works just with dvds…

Ah, the drive was given to me by a friend, unfortunately all I got from him was just the drive, I always have a few spare IDE cables lying about, which I used, connected the drive to the motherboard with a standard power cable.

Kinda wish I did have the OEM disc for it though… -- Thanks for your input anyway though, spawn, hopefully I can get this sorted soon enough ^^

I think its time to put this drive into a vtrine or something to make it immortal.

Really, its an old burner which had cost a fortune when it came out, but nowadays you should buy a new 16x dvd burner for approx. 30 bucks and work with that.

Hehe, I’m normally not one to give up, but I think you are right.

Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated!

Just some guesses:
Did you try different IDE configurations? eg. HDD and burner on same IDE cable, HDD and burner on different IDE cables?
The IDE controller settings in device manager show any problem?