Help needed. LG DR7922W. Wont play DIVX

Hi guys
I’ve just bought a LG DR7922W dvd recorded that can play DIVX. I’m pretty new to divx on a dvd player/dvd ect.
Well i used divx player 6.1 to record to a dvd but when i put it into the DVD player it comes up with a window asking to initialize the dvd. I press Ok and it says its complete then just goes back to the window asking if i want to initialize!! If i cancel it the cd ejects!
So i guess the dvd thinks its blank.
How do i fix this? do i have todo something in the setup?
Please help its quite frustrating!
Thanks in advance guys

Does your PC authoring software finalise the DVD disc?

Otherwise some machines may expect DivX/XviD to be on CD. The manual should tell you this.