HELP needed, installed new firmware now windows is not running



Hi guys,

I’m not exactly a technophobe but definitely not a techy and I need your help.

Basically, installed windows 7(asus a8r-mvp) and although my drive does read discs, its been playing up and will only record on odd occassions, windows 7 constantly freezes, re-starts and stuggles to start certain programs, then on other occassions(rare) I’ll do a whole session without it restarting.

So today, it wouldnt burn a music cd so I thought I’d update the drivers ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P and stumbled upon your firmware downloads, flashed fine, went to restart the computer and upon windows opening I just get a blank screen with the cursor, I’ve restarted several times and I’m still just getting a blank screen.

I can get it to work fine in safe mode, I’m assuming because its only using the basic drivers. I’ve uninstalled it and on restart windows recognises the drive, installs drivers and it comes up under DVD/CD-ROM drives in device manager but only comes up as CD DRIVE on my computer as if its not being recognised??

Any help info would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


You say you just installed Windows 7? Was this a clean install or did you upgrade from a previous version of Windows?

Did you install all of the necessary drivers for the motherboard chipset?


First don’t worry about the firmware flash at this point.
Try this first:

As soon as the computer starts to come back to life, press and hold down F8.

Windows 7 displays a menu of special startup options you can choose.

Use the up-arrow and down-arrow keys to move the menu’s highlight to Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced), and then press Enter.

The mouse won’t work at this screen.

Finish the startup procedure as usual.

Your computer should load successfully, and Windows 7 will discard the “new” screwed-up configuration and return permanently to the last known good configuration.
This doesn’t always work but worth a try.
If that fails then boot into safe mode & schedule a chkdsk.
Right click on your c: drive /Properties/Tools/ Check Now

If the above works it will only be as good as the new install was before. At that point answer Kerry56’s question.


Is this the firmware you downloaded:

Did you get both the EEPROM Utility & Flash Utility ?
If so did you create backups with both utilities ?


Thanks for the replies.

It was a clean install, alot of asus drives arent compatible with windows 7 so I’m assuming its either that or memory why my computer keeps on restarting but I’m pretty sure the blank screen is down to the firmware flash.

I’ve tried check disk, windows diagnostic and last known good configuration, which still gives me the blank screen with cursor.

Thats the flash, I didnt use the EEPROM utility just the flash, I was in a hurry this morning and assumed I just flashed the firmware?

Do I need to have a specific eeprom number?


The EEPROM utility will create a backup that will restore the firmware back to original if done before the flash.
I can’t remember but to go back to original you might need to have saved the .bin file with “Read Flash” with the Flash Utility . To completly restore the drive.
Too late now but for future refference you should do this.
I have the same drive & used the LH-20A4P (9P59 FB FBL EOS EOHT 6 *DUAL).
My drive works fine but I’m using Vista.
Try unpluging the drive & boot. That should elimate the problem if it is the drive.


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