Help needed in burning data>700MB on CD

I have a software with size more than 1 GB.
I need to write a CD for the same but I don’t know how to break the software and write in multiple CDs so that when I run the software from 1st CD, it automatically asks for the 2nd CD when it is required to continue with installation, just like MSDN CD or any other company branded software CD?

Can anyone help me with this?

You need an archiving program like WinRar or WinZip ! I use WinRar. There’s a “Wizard” function to guide you that will do what you need in a minute or two at most !

Thanks…I did that but then the problem is that if I do it that ways…the software will actually unrar first on harddisk and then i’ll be executing the setup.exe. I was looking for the other way that I run setup.exe from 1 CD and it starts installaing the s/w and asks for the other CD when 1st CD is done…u getting me…anyways I think this task is done while building the software and enabling the option of building it with CD image…I guess so, so at build time markers for other CDs get added automatically.