Help needed - I think I fried my ND-3550A using NECBFL

I have a NEC ND-3550a which I only recently bought. I was trying the drive out as I have never had a DVD burner so I wanted to make sure I could burn the various types of disks and burning and understood how to use my drive to its full capability. So far the drive performed ok and although I had a few problems, nothing too bad. On the weekend, I thought I would try and do some Dual Layer burns as I hadnt tested that yet. I made sure I had used good media (Verbatim DL-R disks) with my first Dual Layer tests, but unfortunately the drive made 100% coasters.(expensive ones at that!)

I had the drive on a second PC which I haven’t setup properly yet, so I decided to do a fresh reinstall of Windows on it, reinstall Nero (I have the OEM 1 version 6), upgrade the PCs BIOS and upgrade the firmware of the ND-5440 (which was v1.05 on the drive when I bought it).

Since I was going to flash the DVD drive I thought I may as well cross flash it to the ND-5441 whilst i’m at it. I downloaded and ran NECBFL (the bootcode flasher) as instructed. When I ran it, it listed my drives, but did not have any drive letters next to them like in the instructions, only LUNs (?) like 1.0.0 and 0.0.0 for my hard drive. I tried entering “1.0.0” to select my burner. It went through and gave me the choice to select the ND-3550A, ND-4550A & ND-4551A as the instructions said it would. I chose the ND-4551A and NECBFL came with an error trying to change the drive and it didn’t work.

I tried running the NECBFL program again and now it wouldn’t even go as far as the choice of the 3 drives, reporting “Your drive ID is: i - unknown”. I reinstalled Windows and this time used Windows XP Pro (b4 was Windows Me) and now under XP when I run NECBFL I get the drive letters showing ("\.\F:" for example). But again the program won’t even let me choose a drive saying drive ID unknown again.

What have I done to my nice little drive!!! It looks I have hurt it in some way. How can I return it how it was? NECBFL has obviously made a partial change of something on the drive, but it has not continued to flash it. Why does it continually report my drive now as unknown? What damage could I have done to it and how can I still flash it? I didn’t want to do anything without knowing enough about this subject and fully screwing up my drive (I know it will still read disks and is appearing ok in Windows) but I would like to fix it if possible.

Help pleasE!!!

You have clearly read all the warnings about crossflashing and took the risk.

Also you have to post in the one appropriate thread about this crossflashing ONLY.

No, I didn’t really know to be honest. I read all the links to the discussion about it and noone seemed to encounter corruption of the bootcode in those posts (just lack of knowing how to follow the instructions seemed to be the apparent problem), so I thought I could proceed without encountering any serious problems.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong post. Do I post a new thread in the link you gave me or is there a way to move this thread there so it isn’t in the wrong spot?