Help needed here!


I just bought the LG GSA-4163B and am very pleased with it.

As I am totally a noob to DVD burning, I came across many issues like the following;

  1. Direct Copy from DVD+RW to DVD-R
    As I wanted to save a DVD-R from become a coaster, I burn my Divx files in DVD+RW for a test first before burning into DVD-R. It was a total success writing in DVD+RW. I thought I could just do a DVD Copy using Nero 6.6 just like any other CD to CD copying. Afterall, the copying was a success BUT I can’t open or play the Divx files in DVD-R using a PC. So I put the DVD-R into my Divx player, it could list all the files but only able to play the last files.

My question:
a. Can data/movies in DVD+RW be direct copied to DVD-R?
b. If it couldn’t, was it due to the incompatibility between +/- format?
c. Can DVD+RW do a direct copy to DVD+R since they are the same + group?
d. Can I recover the DVD-R in this case? Or declare it as a coaster?

  1. DVD-RAM
    I have followed the instructions to install DVD-RAM driver before I can start using the RAM. But I only can format the RAM to FAT32 and not UDF. Whenever I start DVDFrom, I always get the error prompt “DVD-RAM drive is not connected or a disc is not inserted. Exit DVDForm.” But acutally my DVD writer was connected through Ext Enclosure using Firewire. The system could detect the drive but how come the DVDForm was not able to?

Can anyone advice me on the above issues?

Thanks in advance.


Try this flash movie