Help Needed! Halo CD Name

I really need to know what the original name for the Halo CD is (Halo 1).
Just in cast your a serious noob and don’t know what a CD name is,
here’s a pic to refresh your memory:

I need the original name that comes up when you insert the original halo CD to replace “HALO FULL”.
All the CD-ROM protection, emulation, and burning options are right, it’s just the name of the CD that makes it all work.
By the way, my original disc is toast!(My sister sat on it!)

Edit: Why is the thread above me getting all the attention?:frowning:

I’ve helped someone now someone help me!
Edit: helped someone else, that makes 2.

Contact the game’s distributor to obtain a replacement copy of your damaged original disc. Most will replace a damaged disc for a fairly nominal charge.

thanks only costs $2 according to the old halo website