Help needed for enter the matrix

I used the guide here

And i followed it exactly but when i install the game iand it asks for the play cd, i put it in and i get this error message:

Component Tranbsfer Error
Data Error(Cyclic Redundenncy Check)

I downloaded the bwa file so this could be the reason. But if it is not what else could have happened.

If you need to know the drive i read and wrote from it is

I also used the twinpeak on this with twin sector step 15.

All help is greatly appreciated

Well, i just have succesfully copied the playdisk. I could sent you the bwa file if you like.

Anyway, where did you get your bwa file?

During installation, i get an error, something like the fileā€¦ is not the same as in the .cab file, only on disc 3


if it fails for you, burn it with alcohol and activate securom emulation. for me this has always worked fine :slight_smile: .