Help Needed for a new guy...pls



OK I have in my Dell Inspiron 9100 notebook a Sony DVD +RW DW-R56A drive.

I understand its possible to flash the drive and turn it into something else with -R writing capabilities.

Could someone kindly direct me to a location that would instruct me how to do this in a ‘step by step’ manner ?? Also I would need the new firmware and flashing tool etc etc…???

Thanks for your time…


Welcome :slight_smile:
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You will find everything you need in the thread LITE-ON SOSW-852S dual layer?.Take the PST3 binary, use omnipatcher to enable crossflashing and flash it with the firmware flasher tool.


Great thanks it works !!


I’m a complete novice at tweaking optical drive firmware, although I’ve been in the computer business as a professional for many years. I’ve been reading this forum for a few days on and off and seem to be getting more confused as I go. I too have a Dell 9100 with a SONY DW-R56A and have had trouble reading most DVDs and have yet to get a successful burn. I’d like to update the firmware, but am still not exactly clear what version I should use or what the steps are.

  1. I see PST3 and PFS1 recommended for this drive. What are the differences and how do I choose one?
  2. Once I choose, it seems the steps should be:
    a. back up the original EPROM with the EEPROM_Utility
    b. run Omnipatcher and install the selected firmware.
    Is that the right procedure? Am I missing any important steps?


Yep thats what I did and its also the first time I attempted this kind of procedure. There is a great step by step instruction on the long thread on this forum.

I also made it Region Free as well, much to my surprise !!

Go for it mate - it works a dream. I burnt Pink Floyd The Wall on DVD -R yesterday and no probs.



1/ They’re the same, except for the drive name (cosmetic) and that is newer (and presumably better) than the other.
2/ Yes, that sounds about right.



Thanks. You indicated that one of the updates (PST3 or PFS1) is newer and presumably better – which one is that?


You could take a look at the 852 thread yourself. You find what you want to know in post #45.