Help needed finding player/home theater reviews

Now that I’ve made the leap to HD it’s time to upgrade from my 90’s audio/video tech. I have a Panasonic HD TC-P42X1 in 720p. I’m still using a 2 channel Onkyo TX-8210 reciever and a Panasonic DVD-RV32 player. I’ve beat the snot out of the DVD player and it’s showing signs of read issues (dirty?)… never could get it to play + or -R DL. The Onkyo is a beast but it’s ready for the garage. I’ve been looking around for a new BD player that will play all my old +R -R and DL and has the same capability with blank Blu-Ray media. I’m so confused from all the search results with google. Does anyone have links or threads outside or within this forum to help me narrow down the search?

There is an enormous amount of information available at avsforums:

Sifting through it is sometimes a problem.

What components do you wish to purchase? And what is your price range? Many people praise the Oppo blu ray players, but their “cheap” blu ray player is $500.

I’m looking for a media player in the price range of $250-$400. Another $100 if it can handle everything out there and what is projected to come. It must be durable and long lasting. I have 1-2K movies through the DVD-RV32. Just cleaned it and it’s coming back. I’m partial to Onkyo receivers because of the performance and durability of the receiver I have. $600-$800 for a Home theater unit minus the speaker components?. Anyone manufacture vacuum tube systems?

Onkyo produce some excellent equipment. :iagree:

Check out here for comparative reviews.

It’s a UK based site but will give you a good idea regarding the performance of different models.