Help needed, can someone help me?



Hi everyone, i realy need u guys help. Baisicly i burned data on a dvd disc quite some time ago, all this time i have been using this disc and it worked fine, however my laptop where i burned the data crashed, i wasnt woried that i had lost my work because i made this back up of my work on that dvd disc, so i rebooted the laptop and put in the dvd disc to recover my work and now it says its blank, when it isnt blank i have all my work on there, can someone help me and instruct me how to get me work back. thanks everyone.


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I don’t actually think this thread should really be in this forum. That’s not what the “Blank Media” forum is really about. :slight_smile:

What happens when you insert another burned DVD or CD is it being recognised?


Moving this thread to the Newbie Forum, as it’s not really a blank media issue… :slight_smile:


Please tell us how you backed up your work in the first place.

If you dragged and dropped using a packet writing software, you will need to re-install that particular packet writing software to access the disc again.

If you used DAO on any software, then you shouldn’t need any other software to access the disc.

It also depends on how long ago the backup was made. Cheap media tends to disintegrate in periods as little as 2 months, and there is not much chance of recovering it. Good quality media will outlive the DVD formats useful life :wink: