Help needed bitsetting dvd-r to dvd-rom

Please bare with me. I think my original question was on the wrong post.
I had a problem with my copied dvd-r movie not working on one of my dvd players but worked fine on the second player. There was a suggestion that I should bitset my movied copied an dvd-r media to dvd-rom.

I tried setting my dvd writer to dvd rom on plextools but the only option I have is to set it to dvd r+ but no option for dvd-rom. I already have dvd r+ media. Can I do this with dvd shrink? If so, how can I do this?

On dvd decrypter, the only option I see is when I go into tools, drive and the options are only dvd r+ or dvd double layer not dvd-rom. Am I missing something here? I am trying to get my dvd media to play on both my dvd players. The player thats not working is an older one (SonyDVPS7000).

Let us know what make and model of burner you have… it will be easier for folks to help you with this info.
Also, you cannot change the bit set of DVD-R material, only DVD+R

I have the plextor 716a.


karely is 100% correct-

You cannot set -R’s to DVD-ROM-

You can only set +R’s to DVD-ROM on optical devices that support bit setting in their firmwares-


Ok, I understand that part now. Can I get help on the other questions I asked? I use dvd shrink, does this program have the capabilities of bitsetting from dvd+r to dvd-rom? If not, How do I go about running both dvd shrink and dvd encrypter together? :confused:


Now i understand where’s your prob.
In plextools there are 2 options for booktype one dvd+r, 2nd dvd+r dl,
you thought this is setting for +r and dl media, but exactly it means it changes
the booktype for dvd+r and dvd+r dl media to dvd-rom, if you’ve checked this
options. Have a look under option help in plextools for manual, there you could
see it and confirm it. You’re a little bit confused, cause you don’t saw there’s
nowhere dvd-rom. The same thing is with decrypter, it means it will change to
rom. Don’t care about the +r and +r dl, it will during writing set the booktype,
the option must only be checked. :wink:

I don’t understand any of this… I cannot understand what you’re trying to descibe. Can somebody explain this with some more clarity, please?
Thank you…

DVDShrink just shrinks, bittsetting comes when you burn. If you save DVDShrink’s output as an ISO you can use DVDDecrypter to burn it. Look under Tools-> Drive-> Change Booktype for your burner. If you do your final burn with Nero Burning Rom you can also set booktype with it before you burn.

The player thats not working is an older one (SonyDVPS7000).
Your problem is probably “Sony”…I’ve a Sony DVD recorder (900 w/HDD) and reading the user guide it says that it can refuse DVDs recorded by another machine.
And it is doing the same with DVDs recorded by a PC drive…only a grey screen and the set freezes, the only way to get the disc out being to unplugg from the power line.
The only dif is that with bitsetting a DVD+R its indicates DVD-Video, but does the same.
The real problem is called DRM and anti-copy protection features of the device.
Maybe you “old” set is doing the same…

Bitsetting is really for +R media.