Help needed (acer 1208a and clonecd)



I just bought an acer 1208a because he’s capable to copy sd2. I installed him in my puter (amd 1200, 512 mb ram, os=win me, on first ide : hd 40 gb master, aopen 12/10/32 slave, second ide : acer 1208a master, hd 30 gb slave) I have the latest clonecd installed but when i try to burn a cd from an image (also on the fly) with the acer i always get coasters. The buffer gets full when it starts but then it suddenly becomes empty (after approx 10%) and when this happened, clonecd doesn’t respond anymore, i have to reboot my system to make him working again. I also looked at the firmware from the acer and it’s 9BC. How to upgrade it? I looked at the support page from acer and there are upgrades but i can’t install them, the writer isn’t detected during the upgrade process.
If someone knows what’s going wrong, please tell me.


PS Sorry for the bad English, it’s not my native language :wink:


I think the Acer on the first IDE is giving problems… Does the 1210Acer do work on the second IDE? If so you can be pretty sure that that’s your problem.

This would be the best settings I think:

IDE1: MASTER = Harddisk 1
IDE1: SLAVE= Harddisk 2

IDE2: MASTER = Acer 1
IDE2: SLAVE = Acer 2

Ps: make sure DMA is enabled for all devices.


problem is solved with the new update from clonecd :slight_smile: (not on homepage from ollie yet)

this one can be closed