Help needed, 451S won't burn any -R media

I’ve been going through tons of crap with lite-on and I’m hoping you guys can help me out…

Let me give you the background on my problem:

I got a LDW-451S late last year and it was working great with my + media. I had some - discs I wanted to use for some burns that were going places + media wouldn’t work.

All of my -R burns failed, not one would work. The burning apps (record now max 4.5 and nero 6.0) would always get done with the burn but the verify would always fail. Nero and RNM would always fail with different errors, but errors. The first 80% or so of the discs would verify fine, it was toward the outside of the disc where the error(s) would crop up.

I went through several swaps with lite-on and I’m still no better off. Currently I’ve upgraded nero to 6.6.??? and now the burns won’t even mount for the verify or to load on any PC, it’s like I’m heading backwards.

I’ve ripped all hardware out of one of my Dell PC’s. All that remains in the 4400 is 1GB RAM, the 451 (secondary master) and two disk drives (primary master and slave). I started off with a fresh install of windows2k sp4 with all the latest security updates, my intel chipset drivers and the only apps installed are nero 6.6.??? (10/25 release) and winzip. The 451 has the latest 451 firmware, GSB9 (it’s something 9, can’t remember the exact version but it’s the latest for this drive)

Lite-on swears the drive worked when they shipped it out. I even had a manager try test burns, I requested -R and +R burns. He said he did both, but I’m a bit suspicious. I also had him send me some of his -R media so I could try on my setup. The discs he sent burned great, and I was happy… until I noticed that the discs he sent weren’t -R, but +R discs. I have three TY +R discs that he sent me. I know these aren’t +R TY discs of mine, because I don’t own any other TY +R discs.

So, I’m currently waiting on the liteon guy to get back to me about what they can do about this. But, while I’m waiting I wanted to check with you all in case you have any ideas about what’s going on?

The media is name brand (for the most part) good stuff, TDK (CMC and RICOHJPN), MAXELL, RITEK G03 (4x media from shop4tech).

Nero is the latest and RNM is using the latest engine.

I have NO problems burning on this PC with this configuration if I swap out the 451 for a NEC-2500A drive. The NEC burns -R discs perfectly.

How’s that for tons of information?

I forgot…

I don’t suspect it’s a hardware issue with the PC, I’ve tried the drive in another PC (dell too) and even put the drive in a firewire enclosure, but still the same results…

I honestly think I’ve tried everything I can to get these drive to work.

I want to try the new firmware hacks for the 851/832, but I don’t want to screw with the firmware in a way that would prevent them from sending me a working replacement, not that this has worked yet…

Jeff D Liteon’s are not good -R burners, especially the older models with older firmware. If you got good results before with the +r media, you can use the bitset tool to set the booktype to dvd-rom and the +r discs will ‘go anyplace’ that a -R disc can. :slight_smile: If you insist on burning -R exclusively, it seems people have had good success with the NEC-3500A.

make a backup of your current firmware and then try THIS

chok0, yeah I want to try other firmware, but I’m not sure about doing this as I’m still trying to get liteon to fix the problem… somehow, but I don’t konw how.

I was curious if anyone had any tricks with drivers or other OS tricks.

please, the booktype doesn’t always work. I’ve seen several cases where STB DVD players that aren’t using PC DVD-ROM drives won’t read +R discs set as DVD-ROM.

I wish it were that easy…