Help need with Toshiba satellite Dvd-ram

Hello i was recently given a toshiba laptop to fix. I need to get the Matshita DVD-ram Uj-810 drive working ive done a search on the forum looking at other peoples posts but none of them relate to my problem. Ok the problem is i get any dvd or cd making sure somthing is on it and it wont work. ive looked for new drivers and everything but it jsut wont work. it recognise’s the device is there but it cant see any dvd or cd that i put in.

Help fixing my problem is appreciated if you have an idea post below or add my msn my msn is "" thanks guys!


So i suppose no one has any ideas?

It probably won’t work. Where did you get the drive? Did the drive come with the computer or did you buy it afterward? For it to work with your toshiba it should be set to MASTER. Like this drive:

came with it