Help: Need to replace dvd drive on Liteon 5115 GHC+

Hello, after 3 years, my Liteon 5115 I bought from Costco is crapping out. I am getting numerous “write fails”.

I would like to replace the DVD burner. Is there any particular burner that I can usethat is compatible with this model?

When installing is there anything I need to watch out for?

If I am missing anything, please let me know.

Try to clean the drive with canned air first, can do miracles.

read here

cleaning the lens may help.

I’ll try cleaning the lens first. Do I use rubbing alcohol and a q-tip?

I just bought a SOny DRU-18A writer and will try to replace the drive on my Liteon 5115!

Wish me luck. THere are no firmware updates yet for this drive. This model is new. I hope everything like the FF works too!

Its Sony DRU-180A

to peggypwr 1, I have a lite-on 5115 and i was curious if the Sony DRU-180A worked as a replacement?