Help! Need To Know Which Cd Reader To Buy

I have a Plextor 241040a, TLA 0101. As most of you who make backup copies of protected games may know, Plextor does not make perfect backups of SD 2.51+.

So, my question is, what makes and models of CD readers will work with a backup copy of SD 2.51+ that are made with my Plextor 241040a?

From what I read in these forums, the Toshiba needs perfect copies in order for the backups to work. I am looking for the opposite, a reader that will not need perfect copies in order to play.

My old LG Electronics CD reader would play these backup disks, but unfortunately, the unit just died, and I need to buy a new one…



you need perfect copies to be read perfect. A drive can not add the missing data parts.


I am aware that CD units can’t add data. However, from the posts I have read in the past, there are certain readers that will play these backed that are burned from a Plextor disks better than others. The toshiba is a good reader, but it will not play the backup copies that come from a Plextor, because of the “flaws” of the copy. The LG Electronics I had would play my backed up disks of SD 2.51, but I have another brand of CD player that will not play the same copied disk.

All I am looking for is a CDR unit that has a good chance to play my backed up copies… And I do realize there there is some risk involved.

hmm that depends of lot of things.
What is the speed of burning, which media, what protection…etc

I know not for sue but i guess a sd2.51 capable burner will be a good reader.
or a lite-on dvd player??

I own a toshiba and they seem to be very picky with burn cd’s. Never had problems …:bigsmile:

Yea, there are a lot of variables that could come into play. I had success with Memorex re-writable media previously though, being burned with the Plex, and read with a LG reader. Toshiba does make an excellent reader, but as you have said, they may not do well with copies. Being that Plextor is not a good Safedisk 2.51 replicator, I am hoping to find out if there is a “common” consensus among Plextor owners that have had success with a particular brand of CD reader with their Plextor burned backup copies. Since I have 2 computers in my house, it is important that a copy made on one computer will work on the other computer.

perhaps i am cursing now…:bigsmile:

but buy a lite-on…and all your copies will work on both pc’s

use your plex for audio…and lite-on for games


Ofcourse you are right, Plextor is better for audio, Liteon is better for games. If I decide to get another CD/RW I would get a Lite-on or perhaps an Asus, but right now, I think I will just get a CD reader… Thanks your your comments and suggestions…

What i can tell you is that cdr with sd2.5.x work perfectly on my toshiba sdm1222 but don’t work at all in my asus50x!


Thank you for your input, exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. I have been looking at CDR’s, I do understand that Toshiba is a great reader, but I also heard Asus was good to. I will keep that in mind. There are so many choices out there, I want to do it right the first time…

I’m going to go out and buy a new dvd drive today, Lite on 163. If u have time i’ll test some sd2.51 games burnt with Plex4012ta on it and tell you if work on lite on!


I would be very grateful if you did that for me. I dont know how much you are aware about problems with plextor and SD 2.51, but it can be done, with the right equipment. What copy software will you use? I do have Clonecd4, which I had made usable backups, but they stopped when my old reader died.

Thanks again…

Just go lite on drive I’m going to test it tomorrow morning with plextor backups!