Help! Need to know what I should buy!



I’ve been browsing the forums in search of a 16x DVD Writer. I had it narrowed down to a BenQ 1620 Pro, but at the last minute I read a comment (by a senior member) about Plextor’s lineup. The Plextor in question is the Plextor PX-716A which seemed to have bugs in the beginning but as they are maturing they are getting pretty good. Both quality and speed wise.

I’d like to know the ups and downs of both…I’ve a budget of £90 which is MORE than enough for either drive. I know this forum has a group of people who have a boner for BenQ’s and NEC’s but I’d like to know only about the two drives I’ve listed above. Thanks,


PS: I need to know about this before 5pm Monday 14th Feb (tomorrow) as I’m going to buy it then.