Help: need to increase volume in MP3 files for external player

I recently bought a RioVolt SP90 CD/MP3 player. I mainly bought it for work. Well, in actual work use, none of the mp3’s play loud enough. It’s barely loud enough riding the bus actually, and this is in comparision to my Sony Portable CD player I had been using.

So since the SP90 can read CD-RW’s and I planned on making special work CD’s, I figure I’d increase the volume of the mp3 files.

Okay, so nows the question, what’s the best way, and the best programs to use?

If I have to re-encode the mp3 files, I’d like to use Lame 3.90 to encode them.

Should I convert the mp3’s back to wav files and use some sort of sound editing program to increase the volume, then encode it back to mp3?

Or is there some nice clever program that will do what I want?

thanks for any info/experiences you can share,


Well you can do that with sound forge. But to reencode “transcode” may cause mild to severe quality loss to the files. I would suggest to do all your work off of backups.

I know of no programs that will allow you to increase the volume without a lossy reencode but there might be one??

Are you sure it is not a technical issue with the player??

I’m pretty sure the volume is up to what they consider good, but in real work situations, it sucks.

Don’t want to lose quality on the mp3’s, but on the other hand, I would like to hear them decently while I’m working.

I’ll check out sound forge.

Guess what I can do is convert the mp3 back to a wav and apply the changes to the wav then convert it back to mp3, at a higher bit rate, maybe even 320 kbs.



try this first it is freeware and does not require a lossy reencode. No need to decode to wave etc. But I suggest trying it on backups of files if you will be making drastic changes. Kinda forgot about this sorry:confused:

This is a wild guess because I haven’t encountered this problem, but could you decode them into wav’s, and then change the DB norm bar as in an equalizer? Like i said, just guessing, i dont know how to ‘pump up the jam’ to make it hearable at work.

I want to download the software

Try here ;

i use cool edit pro or sound booth by adobe or i use logic by apple. either of these programs will do what you need to do to make a louder sound.

I use a free program called mp3 Gain. I noticed no loss at all.