Help need to decide the best software to burn images

I used DVDcopy tools to copy the dvds but I use nero to burn the images onto the dvd…is there a better software out there in your opinion???
Thank you guys… :slight_smile:

ImgBurn and it’s free.

thank you zevia…would this support DL dvds?

Of course and it’s actually the best software for DL burning, IMO. It can also burn images on CD.

ImgBurn rocks - I even use it for SL burns :slight_smile:

is it like click and burn…do I have to specify any settings?

Choose your burner (if you have more than one) and choose your burning speed.
These setting are remembered until you change them.

I’ve never used it for DL burns (I don’t use DL), so someone who uses it for that may have some advice for you.

However, there is an “Advanced Settings” button next to the Speed box…depending on what burner you have, you may want to go into that and enable some settings (SolidBurn for BenQ drives, SmartBurn for LiteOn etc).


for sony q58a - what settings should I enable??