Help: need to Convert WMV file into Divx/Xvid

Hoping someone can help me, i have a WMV file, its a photo/video slideshow that i made in Windows movie maker. I need to convert it to divx or perfer Xvid. does anyone know of a free program or a trial program (That doesnt have a watermark on the output). someone please let me know, i need it as soon as possible, i have to mail the dvd to my girlfriend in europe tomorrow.

Try Winff or SUPER.

Thanks, WinFF worked great.

Not that it matters now, but why didn’t you just leave it wmv? Any windows based PC can playback wmv files. In order to play divx/xvid, they will need to have the correct software/codec installed. And, everytime you convert a file from format to format reduces the quality.

Yes Dogg I agree with you, of course every time converting files will reduce the quality both picture & sound, windows based pc can playback all these files & nowadays movie player also can playback any format of movie files such as dvd, divx, wmv, avi, mpeg, dat, etc :slight_smile: