Help-need opinions: benq dw1620, lggsa-4163b or nec cwn3540



I need your help guys, I have to make a quick choice betwen 3 dvdrw drives to buy:
-benq dw1620
-lg gsa-4163b
-nec cwn 3540

What’s yr opinions for the best choice in terms of stability and performance with VARIOUS media (price is the least important matter, but I must be quick)

Thanks a lot



I would also take a hard look at the new toshiba burner.


Thanks but I have the only 3 options mentioned.



The BenQ would be a very good choice!



Narrow your needs. Some examples: :slight_smile: If you want DVD-RAM, GSA-4163B. If you want Liggy-Dee’s firmware, ND-3540A. If you want jitter scanning, DW1620A.


Thanks to all.

  1. No need for dvd-ram
  2. Best fialbility with very different media (from various producers)
  3. Long term run, no or small degradation in 2-3 years
  4. Don’t know what’s liggy-dee and jitter scanning, i’ll check info now
  5. Speed and price are less important, accuracy and fiability are the key words

Thanks again



All three are pretty good. Very minor differences in media support and burn quality. Pick any of the three.


“Various” for media means too various sources from Mitsubishi to some very little known Chinese manufacturers. Quality varies too much.

It’s easy to find out whether GSA-4163B has DVD-RAM. It’s a lot more difficult to find out which burns the widest choices of media with good quality because there are too many variables that no one I’ve seen can take care of.


Thanks again.

  1. Probably most of the time will use verbatims, so let’s put the media issue apart (but for me is an important issue)
  2. I’ve learnt that Liggy-Dee are the creators of a tweaked firmware for nec, but can’t understand what exactly is jitter/PI/etc… In fact I’ve understood that these are some parameters (errors measurements) linked with the quality of the media used, but maybe a little help Kenshin: what do you mean by “if you want jitter scanning, get dw1620” ?

After reading some reviews on cdrlabs, rpc1, cdfreaks and others, I’m even more confused, because each drive has a review saying that one is better than the others… :confused:



If you look at all the scans done in the DVD Writer forums, it is apparent that there is little difference between the top burners using quality media. The differences broaden quite a bit with the cheap/budget medias. Different burners with different firmwares will all show some variations, but the end result is that all the top burners produce good high quality burns with good media. You may find some slight differences in the scans, but they look the same when you play them on your dvd player. It’s no different than buying a car. All of them will start and get you to where you want to go. They just have different features, qualities, and drawbacks. The new NEC, Toshiba, LG, Plextor, BENQ, are all fairly equal quality burners and will produce like results with quality media.


BenQ DW1620 is good especially when you want to scan PIE/PIF/jitter results on CD and DVD media. Some NEC, LG, Plextor, Pioneer drives also have scanning ability but DW1620 is better suited because of more consistent/easy-to-understand results and low cost of the drive itself. If you don’t want to scan at all, it’s of no use.

Most DVD burners are good with Mitsubishi media. Verbatim = a Mitsubishi brand.


Ok, thanks Harley and Kenshin, in this case I’ll go for Benq or the cheapest one ("…are all fairly equal quality burners and will produce like results with quality media" said Harley)