HELP! Need laptop bag for lappy AND uni stuff! Do they exist?

So, I want to be able to take my laptop into uni daily. I need something that can hold it, a few cables and general student stuff - pens, A4 notepad and a few books.

I’ve got this great heaving laptop rucksack but I really want a messenger style bag. I bought one but it’s just too small, not enough room (just enough for laptop and a few accessories).

So I’m left to put it to the forum. Any suggestions for bags? I’m thinking about this one but it’s quite pricey (previous two were free and £20 respectively to actually buy) and like the one I’ve just bought, if it’s no good then I face hefty return postage. If I 100% KNEW it would do the job, I’d splash the cash.

Is there anywhere in Bristol that I can go and look at laptop bags as opposed to chancing it online?


I would check the manufacturers at first, also I would prefer buying in local shops, so you can try before you buy.


Here’s a google listing of them.