Help! need help with a japenese pstwo



long story short…i ended up with a japenese ps2 slim,

and …livingin canada it doenst do much for me, i really wanna play my ps2 games but cant, so i am wondering waht options i have.

ive though tof modding it? ive heard of mod chips and swap magic, are these my only options to get it to play my northamerican games? and if so do ineed to buy like a japanese mod chip ofr my japanese console or a japanese swap magic disk?

if there are any other options i woudl love to hear them as well



You either have to buy a modchip (almost any new one will work with japanese consoles aswell) or you have to buy a swap magic disk BUT it has to be JAP version otherwise it will not boot on your console.

regards, Stephen


i may just buy another cheap one…and save this one for modding another day…but another small question is will the japenese memory card work in a ps2? id like to replace as few parts as possible


Yes memory cards work in every version.

regards, Stephen