Help need benq dw 1680 original firmware!

couse my stupid mistake and stupid mind… i just flash my 1680 to 1800 and not working :a so i need original firmware for 1680! if anyone can help meeee :bow:

idiotechnick, thanks for the PM. What version of the 1680 firmware were you using, before you flashed it?

i use the FW:RB33 if u can find codeking… only 1 hour my drive is working!!! i save the eprom thing.

Here you go: :slight_smile:

It’s in a flasher that will allow you to go from the LiteOn firmware to the BenQ firmware. Just run the enclosed EXE file and make sure you select the correct drive.

GOd i love u… ^^ thanksssssss alllottttttt!!!

ur the codeking are the king…^^

this firmware are the only one avaiable for benq 1680? or there is more?

It’s the only one I know of at the moment but I will also release a patched FastBurn version today, that increases the 8x and 12x burn speed of ±R media.

hell yeah love u mann… bravo. could u cek the dual layer and compare to lite-on 16p5s couse i made some xbox 360 backup and failed. if u can tweak it too man. many thanks

where the overspeed ? not finish yet?