Help need backing up x2 wolverines rev

:confused: proction is safedisc 2.8, when game is installed and I begin to play it goes through the introduction and just when the game is about to load it takes me back to my desktop. my writer is a yamaha crw f1. The original works fine. I have tried different settings efm on and off, I have uninstalled alcohol 120 and reinstalled. Still nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What speed used to read? If max, try reducing reading speed to 8x or even 4x (alcohol produces “phantom” read errors with some devices at high speeds).

Playing from a writer? If so, is Ignore media type enabled?

The Yamaha is not capable of burning Safedisc 2.8 without enhancing the weak sectors or using emulation in order to run the backup.
Try using Bypass EFM Error in Alcohol 120% prior to burning the CD.


Didnt see that you already tried Bypass EFM function

after about my third attempt I set the read speed to 4X.
still the same thing. I double checked for ignore media type and is was enabled and I made sure it was played (attempted) in my

As for my writer & safedisc 2.8, splinter cell, rainbow six, etc.etc.
I have had no problems in the past. They play in my yamaha writer or my lg dvd rom.

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The Yamaha is not capable of burning Safedisc 2.8EDIT]

Yes he his, use newest firmware.

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Yes he his, use newest firmware. [/B]

And this is…?

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And this is…? [/B]

Direkt DL