HELP - Need anydvd on new puter

:sad: I’ve bought a new computer and have attempted to move anydvd from old one to new one by using the regular sent download note for the latest version. Unfortunately for me, it thinks i’m using trail version now. How do I get back to full version

You need to double click the reg key that was sent to you when you bought Anydvd.

Just install it and register it with the key… I hope you were moving the downloaded installation file and not the folder!


If you aren’t able to locate your AnyDVD license file you can extract the key from your old computer using the command below from a DOS command prompt (Click Start -> Run… and type “cmd”). The command will export the AnyDVD key information from your system’s registry and create a file on your system’s desktop named “anydvdkey.reg”. Once the file has been created you simply need to move the file to your new PC via floppy, CD, flash drive, email attachment, etc and double click the “anydvdkey.reg” file. That should do it. I hope it helps.

reg export “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Key” “%USERPROFILE%\desktop\anydvdkey.reg”