Help: NEC2500A can write DVD/DVDRW but can't read nor write CD

all of a sudden my NEC2500A can’t read nor write CD medias. I have not done any changes to my computer.

but the strangest thing is, it will still read and write DVD/DVDRW

i need advice. should i open it and clean the lens?



If you still have warranty, return your drive to the reseller.

3500a is very picky about cd media for instance I have some misumi 48x … it only goes to 24x in my 3500 one spindle works fine in the drive at 24x the other spindle when written at 24x is a coaster every time…(16x is ok) doesn’t tell you though… when you try to copy files off of the burnt disk you get crc errors… the same discs burn fine in my yamaha f1 at 48X … go figure… I thought the same as you that the drive was fubared… went out and bought the recommended 48x media for the drive. the verbatim cd-r and it burns and reads them at 48x no problem…

bottom line it is very picky about cd-r media and not a very good burner of less than A grade CD media… so I recommend you try some high quality media before returning it or use another drive for cd burning…

too bad one drive can’t be the best burner for everything… I recall the reviews saying it needed work for cd burning also…

i thik he’s talking about nec2500a and not 3500 :rolleyes:

my drive is no longer under warranty :a

i tried all medias that i have, and software CDs (not CDR). none of them can be read.

I hope that’s not your only burner. What happens when you try to burn a cd, does it burn and puke? Does it just give an error and not burn at all? Does it say it’s burning and this disc is fubaar when it’s done? Some more detail of your problem might help us solve it. I have no idea if it’s software or hardware at this point. :confused:

what firmware did you upgrade it at all??? have you tried reading writing cd’s since you change the f/w if you did???

it gaves me “Power Calibration Error” (NERO 6) when trying to burn CD.
when i insert a CD, it will take sometime to read and then report as blank disc.

firmware version 1.06. as i said, all happen in a sudden without any changes to my hardware/software/firmware. one day i still able to use it and the next day it wont.

read and write DVD ok.

Did you get some different discs than you usually use? It sounds like it doesn’t like the disc or the speed that it’s being written. Check all your settings in nero and make sure every thing is ok, make sure you burn the disks @ their rated speed. Try a different disc, if all that fails, try reflashing your drive with the same firmware. I’ve heard of it getting corrupted from power surges. If all that fails it’s time for a new drive. :frowning:

You can either try to clean the drive or sell it via Ebay as “defective without warranty”. I would prefer the latter…

As a new drive, go for a Pioneer 108 if you don’t need bitsetting for SL discs. Otherwise, go for a ND-3500.

that is not the case. it won’t event read a normal CD.
i am wondering does the drive have two lenses (one for CD and one DVD) ? why DVD are okay.

ok i tried another disc that i used long long ago (no brand) and the drive recognize it.

i thought i has “come back”, so i chuck in my Mitsubishi CDRW again, open Nero, and try to “Erase CDRW”… alas, no luck. :Z

to be exact, the dialog that pops up says:

_NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A\H2 T2