HELP: NEC ND-3530A cant find nero bitsetting option



I have a ND-3530A burner flashed with 3.01 firmware.

However when I try to burn a memorex DVD+R Dl using nero 7 I do not see the “Book type setting” dropdown list?? Unfortunately my Toshiba DVD player cant read these discs unless I bitset ( I hope.) Any help as to why the dropdown list disappeared would be appreciated.



As is often stated in this forum, Nero 7 still has a lot of issues/bugs to be sorted out. Try using Nero 6.6xxx version as it is more stable and see if that helps. :iagree:


My mistake, I had upgraded the firmware to 3.01 but not the hacked 3.01 allowing for bitsetting. Now I see the dropdownlist.

However my Toshiba SD-6200, an expensive player a couple of years back, is freezing everytime I hit the next chapter. Could this be due to the media, memorex +R DL, or did I miss a setting in nero express. I ripped the dvd using DVD shrink. Any suggestions??



Memorex DVD+/-R or DL is :Z as far as media quality goes…for DL, it’s Verbatim DL that is the most recommended. I’d recommend you give Verbatim a definite go :iagree: