Help: Nec Nd-3520a

So I am about to buy the NEC ND-3520A, and want to know about the DL Discs…most movies don’t require them, if what I have read on the net is correct…movies like LOTR which are, lets just say long…anyhow, they have hours and hours of special features. Now if I want to backup that movie, I will more than likely need my DL discs…but say for an average movie…like My Big Fat Greek Wedding…I can just use a regular DVD-R right? I know this depends on the file size…I’m a Network Admin by trade, so its ok to get technical with me…its just that I have never used a DVD Burner before, at least not to make backups of my personal movies.

Second Question…NEC ND-3520A is a standard IDE drive, so I should be able to place it into a CoolMax case and use it as a portable drive, right?

Looking for info…

Black Razor

Everything usually depends on the Bitrate of the movie.I’ve had movies that were almost 3 hours long fit on a dvd that was compressed less than 20%(old movie).I’ve had movies that were less than 2 hours that compressed 40%(Japanese movie).Generally if you want to keep menus,special features etc…the DL disc is what you would want.The length of the movie is also a factor but not all the time.LOTR is definately a DL disc candidate.I know someone who has the Greek wedding movie and it’ll fit on a single disc with no probs.I’ believe it’s a single layer movie anyhow so it would be a 1:1 copy.

2nd Question:

I wouldn’t put the 3520 in an external case just yet.USB 2 and Firewire are not fast enough to keep up with a 16x burn.IDE is much faster than either.The maximum speed burner for an external case I would go with now is a 12x.The speed transfer technology hasn’t caught up with USB 2 or firewire yet.You can put it in a case just don’t burn at 16x for the time being.It’ll probably be tweak’t soon to catch up I’m sure though.