Help, NEC ND-2510A reading problem

This problem has been bothering me and I am beginning to think that the
NEC ND-2510A sucks

Everytime I put in a DVD-R into my NEC ND-2510A drive that has .mpegs files burnt using that same drive, I would get an error
D:(Not Responding) when I try to drag those files or simply just one file to the desktop to copy it onto my hard drive, thus forcing me to either eject the disk or exit the D:\ window using CRTL-ALT-DEL. If I do not eject the disk or exit the D:\ Window, the NEC ND-2510A drive
would just continuously run even though it doesn’t fokcing copy.

I made sure the DVD-Rs are cleaned before I put them in, and system spec is more than sufficient. Burning is just fine, and I have already updated firmware to 2.6 to see if the problem still persist and it does.

Sometimes, when I get lucky enough, the D:\ Window would not freeze and I would be able to copy the .mpeg file to hard drive halfway and get then get the error “cyclic redudancy check” or something similar to that.

Please help, this drive is driving me nut.

P.S. Would flashing a hacked firmware do the trick with helping the NEC ND2510A to read better?