Help! NEC 3550 won't read/write discs AT ALL

the other day i was trying to burn a cd and my 3550 wouldn’t recognize it… the light comes on and i hear click–click–click but after about 30 seconds it stops and says ‘no disc.’ i later confirmed that it does that with any cd and dvd regardless if its recordable or not. i have tried different firmwares for it and it does not seem to help.

now none of my 3 burners work at all… :confused:

Clean the drive and test it in another computer, maybe also replace the ide cable.

i switched the burners from my two computers, now both seem to be working fine. strange that they stopped working on the original computers…

Maybe the PSU on compi 1 is going to die.

wait, the [I]what?[/I]

PSU = power supply unit.

hmm… well i guess i’ll know if the new burner stops working again