HELP: Nec- 3540a Burns everything at 2x!

I just bought this burner to replace my plextor 716a because it died on me and the NEC-3540a is burning everything only at 2x. I’m using Fuji Film, Taiyo Yuden disks rated at 8x. I’ve tride staples discs rated at 8x, I’ve tried 8x Ricoh, EVERYTHING is burning at 2x. I’ve ran Nero CD/DVD speed test and it comes up around 1.91x. I’ve tried burning in safe mode and its same thing. The drive is set to UDMA mode. Please help me, is this a problem with the drive, I mean it works fine and burns great but its at 2x! I’m frustrated and about to return it to newegg and get another plextor.

FIXED. PIO mode not UDMA. Please ignor.

You have to have your own experiences to find out what is best suite your need and your drive. Just do burning with different Medias and found out for yourself.