HELP: Nec 2500a horrible results straight out the box

Just plugged it my nec 2500a straight from the box, burned a DVD and ran kprobe on it on my lite 811S. Kprobe results are extremely high, in the 1000s range.

My questions is … how do I tell if the results are from my nec or a bad read from my lite on. Is there something else I can do to check the dics or the health of my burner?

Thansk in advance.

You can run a speed test in Nero DVD Speed. If the read curve is smooth, no worries then…

Okay, I’ll give that a try. Is there a tutorial that explains how to get this read curve from nero dvd speed?


What media are you trying to burn to??

With any NEC burner (or any burner for that matter) - suggest using only good quality media like Taiyo Yuden, ritek, Maxell, Verbatim, etc.

My old 2500 and 2510 seemed to prefer -R media BTW-


I’m using some RICOH discs so I know it’s not the media.

I’ll try running nero dvd speed to see how it looks …

I’ll bet your using RICOHJPNR02 disc’s!

If you use the 2510 firmware 2.16 (original or from Herrie) they will be somewhat better!