Help, NEC 2500A doesn't respond after 30% burn

Upgraded to latest Herrir’s firmware with DL bitsetting support, (shows 1.0.8), fine for a month. Now, it stuck after 25% to 40% burn, the writer doesn’t respond(no light, and can’t be opened). The writing software (Nero, Roxio) just stuck there, can’t be killed in WinXP. I have to power off the PC to have that back. (Restart also fails.)

The writer has been working OK before, though even with the hacked firmware, it will fail some nice 4X (taiyo disks) at 8x. The disks I am using right now is Verbatim (MCC.003) 8x, and Fujifilm003 8x.

Anybody has a hint what might be wrong? Thanks a lot.

Have you had Roxio installed the whole time? I’d try uninstalling the complete Roxio package personally. They have their own InCD type program like Nero has that is really buggy on Windows XP and could potentially causing the problem. I’d start there and see what happens I think. Any new software added to the computer lately that might interefere with your burning apps?

when that has happened to me it has been a media issue