Help ND3500, CPU usage and Buffer



I have a problem with my nec nd3500:

  • When I’m burning with Nero 6.3 my HardDisk start to work and CPU usage is 100%… PC is so slow that I write 4Giga in 24minutes at 4X… Unbelivable…
    With Ad-Aware there are not spyware, and no viruses on my pc (you can see in my signature my configuration)…
    DMA is ACTIVATED, ASPI are correctly installed and fully functional and I close all applications during burning, even disabled NAV2004…
    All drivers are updated (SATA, IDE, Chipset Via KT880)… I tryed different firmware on my nec without any results…
    I use WinXP PRO with SP2 and my nec is master on secondary ide channel…
    What can I do?
    Excuse me for my BAD english…


I’d try getting rid of SP2 and make sure that you are using the standard dual channel PCI IDE controller and not the chipset vendor’s driver for starters.
If the NEC is the master what’s the slave on the secondary ide channel?


I would leave sp2 in and i would remove (as noted above) the ide drivers,then rollback to MS drivers,you can try and run kill aspi .


SP2 is noted for stuffing up all sorts of things including optical drives.


press ctrl+alt+del and se the nero aplication priority if its faster or real time put it in normal


No problems here with SP2… But i think the brob might be how you install your SP…
Install windows with integrated SP2 = Best
Clean win install + SP2 update = Good
“old” windows + SP2 update = PROBLEMS

nogood english here too…


I had the same problem awhile back.It was that the ide channel for the burner was in the wrong mode.I found a tip somewhere and it said to uninstall the ide channel in system device manager for that drive.Upon reboot it rededected properly and all was good again.


No slave…
In my pc:
DVD-ROM = Primary Master
NEC-ND3500 = Secondary Master.


i have 15 installs and most are nforce, but 4 are intel,all of them are running SP2 and dvd drives as well as mixed cd burners,What is the problems? and who all is having them?
i know of 100,s of xp >sp2 that run perfectly



It was already “normal”…


Now i just try upgrading Nero…
I Hope…


I think it’s important for others…
I resolved my troubles just changing my ide cable…
I changed the rounded one with a classic ide cable.
Now my PC works fine! I burned a DVD+R at 16X and CPU usage was at 20 - 50% and my PC goes fast!


Again the same problem…
Please can someone help me?
Thank You!


i see from your first post that you are adware and virus free, i thought the same on my pc while using nav 2004 & adaware pro. but i kept getting buffer underuns resuling in longer burn times. then i read about spybot, so i tried that and it found stuff on my pc that hadden`t been detected before and no more buffer underuns.


Even with Spybot S&D nothing…
I will try to kill aspi…
Other helps?
Thank You.



good luck and Happy New Year to you too :smiley:


did you change the buffer in Nero prefs to manual 80 meg
that helps sometimes.


It’s incredible, I resolved all my troubles after re-flashing my MotherBoard Bios!
Do you think it’s good that I stay without ASPI?
Thank You!
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE FORUM! :bow: :bow: :bow: :cool: :cool: :iagree: :iagree: :cop: :cop: