Help! ND-3540A cannot recognize CD-R media!



:bow: this is really weird!! :doh:

I am using the stock/retail 1.01 firmware for my ND-3540A. I have burned many DVD-R / DVD+R with this drive, all perfect. No problem with various types Ritek, Prodics, TaiyoYuden, etc.

Today I needed to burn CD-R for a friend with some files on it and I put in the CD-R (Verbatim) and … nothing! Drive did not recognize media at all and Nero just kept saying “insert blank CD”. I tried other brand (Maxell and also Ritek) but all the same— did not recognize!

I re-flashed the drive with the RPC-1 1.01 firmware from The Dangerous Brothers hoping maybe it might help but… same result!!! :confused:

Has anyone else seen this? any idea what to do? Drive is only about 3 weeks old and like I said it burns DVDs perfect no problem. Just CD-R it seems to be totally screwed.

I run Win XP Pro SP2 (full retail, not cracked) + AnyDVD also retail/full non-crack

Help! thnx


have you rebooted? or shut off the computer then back on again to clear up any bugs in the firmware, if neither of this fixes it then you have a defective drive.


yes yes I have done warm + cold reboots. guess I just got a dud drive. :sad:

weird that it burns DVDs without a hitch but can’t see a CD-R worth a damn. maybe its a different laser or something?? anyway … guess its going back to newegg… or in the trash… :sad:


Is there by any chance you’re using Nero as well?If not try installing the latest version of Nero or CloneCD to burn cdrs.


yeah I do use Nero. But this seems like a hardware issue… I tried putting in a blank CD-R and just running Nero InfoTool and VSO Inspector to see if it can detect that the disc was inserted, and it doesn’t even see it.

:sad: :sad: :sad:


Does it see a burned CD? A commercial CD-ROM? An audio CD?


Burned CD: No
Commercial Audio CD: No
Commercial CD-ROM: YES

weird!!! why can it read commercial Cd-rom but not burned or audio cd??
this is getting so strange…


Just an idea as this rings a bell, try uninstalling AnyDVD, reboot and try again.
Don’t get mad at me if this doesn’t work :flower: