HELP! my seek times have doubled!

I have noticed that after formatting my hard drive last night my ltd163d reader is taking an age to read my burned disc’s…it has gone from 94ms random seek to 212ms and from 202ms full seek to 563ms??? it seems to do it with all my disc’s, I havent installed any ASPI drivers separately (I had 4.70 last time)…do I need them??? I have win xp pro …what else could be causing this slowdown?..the drive seems to be making a lot of noise during the accessing of the disc…any help appreciated…cheers…dave

Check that the drive is in DMA mode not PIO.

yes I checked that first and its DMA mode2…I have been working on this all day and it seems to be worse when the drive has worked for a while (getting hot maybe?)…however my case has 8 fans and good air flow so I cannot improve much in that area…I know many people swear by this drive but in my experience it is very fussy media wise and needs little excuse to slow down to a crawl…this maybe a good thing as it can read damaged discs but it does seem over sensitive especially on discs written at higher speeds (40x)…it shows many more errors than my writer and slows drastically whereas my writer reads much quicker and can access the discs much better…basically my 40125w outperforms it on every test in cd speed tests, faster seek times, less cpu use and smoother performance…oh and yes my writer reads at 48x at half the noise that the ltd163 does!!!