HELP! My Phillips cd-rw drive (on Dell) wont read some copied software discs!

i have a new Dell Inspiron 5160 notebook with a Phillips 5263 cd-rw/dvd-rom drive.
It reads all official software discs, but only SOME pre-copied software discs (backups made with Nero) and disk copies made by friends with freeware on it.

Has anyone any suggestions as to how to enable this drive to read all disks.
Are there anti-piracy/software authentication settings that need to been changed with the OS to do this?
I am running XP Home with SP2 & have installed WMP10 but disabled the “aquire software licenses” tab in the setup.
Please help??!
Thanks. C :cool:

most likely bad media

Have you tried a firmware update?

Hi Merther02
Thanks for the advice, where do you suggest I go for a firmware update for the Phillips 5263 cd-rw/dvd-rom drive.
Apologies if its an obvious question, but Im a newbie to notebook use & this type of drive.
Could it be that the software discs Im trying to run were not finalised properly (by Nero Smartsuite SE) or are just bad?
Thanks again,

@Carl Allen
Do not cross post! 3 threads for the same problem is a not needed/wanted!


Thanks for the info…my apologies, as a newbie I didn’t intend to cross-post.
If anyone out there has any further advice for me on how to upgrade the firmware for the Philips CD-rom 5623 drive to get over the copy-protection settings for cloned software discs, Id be most grateful.
Thanks again, Carl :slight_smile:

Have a look here
I wasnt able to find your model there :(.